Теchnical characteristics:
Peracetic acid 14 – 16 %
Hydrogen peroxide 16 – 20 %
Density t = 20 °C 1,11 – 1,13 g/cm3
pН value 2,6 – 3,2

Company «Тrading and Consulting Company «SI Trading» Ltd. since 2007 specialized in production of disinfectant based on peracetic acid under trademark Hemodez PAA for food industry and veterinary medicine.
By the producing of our production is using advanced European manufacturing sciences, producing based on chemical raw material from worldwide and domestic producers.

1. Description of disinfectant Hemodez PAA

Disinfectant Hemodez PAA is colorless, clear liquid with a sharp specific smell.
As a reactant contain hydrogen peroxide 16 – 20 % and peracetic acid 14 – 16 %; furthermore it contain functional components.

2. Сharacteristics

Disinfectant PAA has extremely high bactericidal (antimicrobial), antiviral and fungicide activity to Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacterium, including coliforms, tuberculosis, staphylococcus, streptococcus, salmonella, and also spore-forming bacterium, yeast fungi and mould fungi and viruses, including Influenza A virus (H5N1) and the most resistant to the action of disinfectants polioviruses.

3. Advantages

  • concentrated product – cost effective.
  • effective disinfectant is widely used in CIP washing, food and milk industries, brewing trade and also in production of non-alcoholic drinks.
  • due to strong oxidative action it highly takes off spots and has deodorizing effect.
  • it’s easy to wash away without leaving streaks.
  • harmless to the environment.
  • effectively works in the hard water.
  • doesn’t damage objects of corrosion resistant metal, glass, rubber, polymeric materials, wood, stone tile, porcelain, faience and also paint and varnish, galvanic, polymeric coated surfaces of epoxy-ether resin, enamel and other materials except nonferrous materials.

4. Packaging

Production is packed into plastic barrel – 10, 20, 30 l.

5. Areas of use

Industry Description of application
  • • Nonalcoholic industry
  • • Dairy industry
  • • Alcoholic beverage industry
Hemodez PAA is produced for low-temperature disinfection of pre-washed processing equipment, communications, ultrafiltration and reversed osmose installations, polycarbonate bottles and polyester (PETF, PET) bottles, inventory, packing on a circulation, watering, immersion basis.

It’s specially developed as disinfectant of final washing in CIP washing. Remove spots and has deodorizing effect.

  • • Food industry
Using for decrease of bacterial population density for bird’s carcase in poultry chilling tank, incubator disinfection, eggs disinfection, room and equipment of killing room disinfection, aerosol disinfection with present of birds and animals.

Most fresh vegetables such as salad, spinach and fruits such as strawberries washed with peracetic acid after collection before shipment.

  • • Reclamation industry
  • • Communal industry
Using for disinfection of discharged waters, circulating water in cooling systems, for biocidal treatment of various surfaces and products. The product is ideal for working in cold rooms.

6. Foreign-made analogues of Hemodez PAA

  1. Neoseptal PE 15, Producer: Dr. Weigert, Germany
  2. Weicoper-Forte, Producer: Tenzid Chemie GmbH, Germany
  3. Сalgonit Sterizid Forte 15, Producer: Calvatis GmbH, Germany
  4. P3-OXONIA ACTIVE, 5% PAA, ТМ of producer Ecolab
  5. MSS® – Disinfect Acid, Producer: MSS GRUP Ferhatpaşa Mah. Anadolu Caddesi, Turkey
  6. Detro PAA, Producer: Detro Healthcare Kimya Sanayi A.Ş., Turkey
  7. HHC OPASAFE, Producer: Hijyen Sağlık Disposible Medical Wipes and Health Care Products, Turkey
  8. GBL PEROXY™ PAA, Producer: GBL Gül Biyoloji Laboratuvar Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi, Turkey
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