Mullite-corundum filler ZМК

Mullite-corundum filler ZMK is obtained from high-alumina refractory raw material with content of Al2O3 84 – 90%.

All technological processes of manufacturing ZMK filler are implemented with use of own equipment by qualified personnel.

An index number of grades ZMK-84, ZMK-86, ZMK-90 etc. – means Al2O3 content in this type of product.

The production complies with normative document ГОСТ 23037-99 or technical requirements of the Customer.

Technical parameters of ZМК filler:

1. Chemical indicators, %:

Al2O3 Fe2O3
84,0 – 90,0 max. 1,0

2. Technical indicators:

Bulk weight (depending on grain size), g/cm3 1,3

3. Grain size (fraction):

Particle size range of the output under ZMK grade is determined individually by customer at step of forming an order in the range of 0 to 10 mm.

4. Toxicity:

ZMK filler isn’t dangerous for health. Its use doesn’t cause with a danger of silicosis. ZMK filler is neither carcinogenic nor toxic.

5. Packaging:

The main type of packaging is flexible intermediate bulk container (Big Bag) either coated or uncoated – by Customer’s wish.

Production may also be packed into coated polypropylene bags weighed 25 -30 kg.

The average weight of big bag with production is 1,5 ton.

6. Application:

  • for production of refractory mullite and mullite-corundum fired products, concrete mixtures, mixes and mortars.
in Unshaped refractories ,
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