Recycling is our passion…


Company «Тrading and Consulting Company «SI Trading» Ltd was established in 2007 and specializes in the recycling of scrap, waste and illiquid asset of refractory, electrotechnical and abrasive production for industrial applications. All these products are based on mineral raw materials of the following types:

– materials with high content of Al2O3 = 70–94% – such as electrocorundum, fused alumina, mullite-corundum;

– materials with content of Al2O3 = less than 70% – such as mullite, mullite-silica, fire clay, different types of ceramic and porcelain;

– carborundum materials (SiC);

– refractory materials with high content of MgO (88–91%) – such as periclase, (magnesite, fired magnesite, fired magnesia);

– refractory periclase-carbonaceous materials, with content of MgO = 88–94% and C = 5–15%;

– refractory chromepericlase materials, with content of Cr2O3 = 15–22% and MgO = 42–55%;

– refractory periclase-chrome materials, with content of MgO = 65–70% and Cr2O3 = 7–18%.

The received from the result of recycling material can be classified as REGENERATED, and the process of their receiving as REGENERATION.

As a result of this process occurs full or half reconditioning of waste materials for the purpose of reclaiming this material in production.

Company «ТCC «SI Trading» Ltd is located in Zaporizhia city, in the southeastern part of Ukraine, in one of the industrial centers of country and has three production areas with our own crushing equipment and sorting equipment and milling equipment, which is serviced by qualified personnel.

Our main products lines include regenerated mineral materials based on carborundum (SiC), electrocorundum and mullite-corundum (Al2O3 more than 70%), MgO-containing materials.

Our services include crushing, milling, grain sizing and magnetic separation of mineral materials of various hardness;

– engineering services of organization of crushing and sorting production areas.

Our customers are:

– manufacturers of shaped fired refractory products, unshaped refractory mixture, mortars and refractory concrete;

– ultimate consumers of unshaped refractory mixtures, mortars and inert materials;

– manufacturer of abrasive tools;

– factories, which engage in sanding and tumbling rough surface;

– factories, which engage in maintains of dredging pump, hydrocyclone.

Welcome to cooperation.
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