Regenerated Brown Fused Alumina, 13 АR

13 АР

Regenerated Brown Fused Alumina 13 АR produced by the method of regeneration recycling of Brown Fused Alumina lumps.
The essence of regeneration recycling process consists in reconditioning of waste materials for the purpose of reclaiming this material in production.
All technological processes of regeneration are implemented with use of own equipment by qualified personnel.
The production complies with normative document ОСТ 2 МТ 79-3-88 or technical requirements of the Customer.

Technical parameters of 13 AR:

1. Chemical indicators, %:

Al2O3 Fe2O3
90,0 – 92,0 0,6 – 0,9

2. Technical indicators:

Relative density, g/cm3 3,9 – 4,1
Bulk weight (depending on grain size), g/cm3 1,5 – 1,8
Melting point, °C 2050
Mohs hardness 9

3. Grain size (fraction):

Grain size (particle size range) of the output is determined individually by customer at step of forming an order and may correspond to FEPA standard, ISO 8486-1.2:1996 and ГОСТ 3647-80.

Main produced fractions of 13 АR
-2,0 / +0,0 mm -160 mm

4. Toxicity:

Regenerated Brown Fused Alumina 13 АR isn’t dangerous for health. Its use doesn’t cause with a danger of silicosis. Regenerated Brown Fused Alumina 13 АR is neither carcinogenic nor toxic.

5. Packaging:

The main type of packaging is flexible intermediate bulk container (Big Bag) either coated or uncoated – by Customer’s wish.

Production may also be packed into coated polypropylene bags weighed 25 -30 kg.

The average weight of big bag with production is 1,5 ton.

6. Application:

  • for production of abrasive tool of Brown Fused Alumina;
  • for production of refractory mullite-corundum fired product, mixtures, concrete mixtures, cements and mortars;
  • for sandblast machining of surfaces.
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